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Reinvent your Health and Life with Natural and Healthy alternatives

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doTERRA Essential Oils

dōTERRA Essential Oils
dōTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionising the way families manage their health.

Sleep and Thrive

NATURAL and HEALTHY alternatives to feeling Absolutely Exhausted, Menopausal, Overweight and Bloated, Restore your Gut Health (the 2nd brain).

REINVENT YOUR HEALTH and LIFE and replace everyday things with essential oils. Learn to eliminate toxins and embrace natural solutions.

Introduce your VISION OF YOUR LIFE and learn how to use the Law of Attraction and create the life you want with vision boards, focus, plans, action and positive behaviours. 

Sleep and Thrive.  Give your body the right amount of sleep it needs and you will have the life and body that you want to have. 

End Painful Bloating & Get Your Happy Belly Back.

Bring back your GLOW and SPARKLE again.

Health and Vitality


NATURAL and HEALTHY alternatives to feeling Absolutely Exhausted, Menopausal, Overweight and Bloated.  


Sleep and Thrive

Sleep and Thrive.

Give your body the right amount of sleep ... and you will have the life ... and body you want to have.


End Painful Bloating & Get Your Happy Belly Back

Healthy eating can be enjoyable and delicious

Details to follow...

Fresh air and dog walking is the best tonic in the world!

Lulu West - Health and Wellness Mentor, Retreats, and Education

In 2003, I started as a Food Intolerance Therapist.  I love nutrition, ingredients, food and flavours, creating recipes, and the science of why!  I embrace being a healthy, curvy woman with all the changes during the menopause.  I found a way to embrace life... so can you without too many rules, eat cheese, enjoy a glass of wine whilst remaining healthy and enjoying life.  I love to mentor women in their 40's upwards reclaim their vitality back to healthy living and their vitality.  

Its your time to shine

Reasons to Reclaim your Vitality and feel lighter, happier with more energy

You need help so you can feel good again.

You have the menopause and don't feel like yourself anymore.

You feel as if someone has sucked the life out of you.

You need help with constipation and bloating?


You'd like to embrace healthier and natural alternatives to looking after yourself, and your family.

  • Personalised Health and Wellness Mentoring
  • Reinvent Your Health and Life with Natural and Healthy alternatives
  • Vision Board Workshops
  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • Sleep and Thrive
  • Monthly Education Series found on #yesvitality facebook page
  • End Painful Bloating & Get Your Happy Belly Back
  • AromaTouch Technique & Hand Massage

Would you like to reclaim your vitality?

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Book your Free Clarity Call with me

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