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Gut Health & Food Intolerance Therapy

Lifestyle Mentoring

Pure & Potent Essential Oils

Sleep and Thrive

I work with exhausted women with painful tummy bloating to learn how to heal their gut so they can achieve a flatter tummy, have happier hormones to be able to have the life you want without thinking about what clothes to wear, what food to eat and also I'd like you to be able to have the best life you can have (without thinking about the loo, or your clothes, or your energy, or your moods....). 

Gut Health

You deserve to have the life you want, let me help
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Book a 20 minute Gorgeous Guts Session to find out more about how I work and how we work together.

I had health problems for many years from a poor functioning colon, bloating, dreadful tiredness, shingles, frequent tonsillitis, unable to manage my stress levels, migraines, eczema, erratic hormones and an inability to conceive.  I have a large redundant length of colon and learn what I must do for myself. Avoiding wheat and dairy, and cooking all meals from scratch.  I manage my health with mediation, foods my body enjoys, supplements, digestive enzymes, essential oils and drink lots and lots of water.  I studied Food Intolerance in 2003, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition Advisor, Supplements Advisor, Detox, Reiki, and essential oils. 


What reasons do you have to book a Gorgeous Guts Free Consultation?

You need help so you can feel good again.

You feel as if someone has sucked the life out of you.

You need help with constipation and bloating?

You'd like to embrace healthier and natural alternatives to looking after yourself.

You would like to learn to cook using ingredients bought from your local supermarket?

You would like to learn about vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free options?

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Better Health Food Intolerances, Gut Health, Inflammation, HypnoSlimmer, Menopause
  • Better Life Reconnection & Happiness, through Hypnotherapy, Journalling, & Vision Boards
  • Essential Oils for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Well-being
  • AromaTouch Technique Therapeutic application of essential oils using gentle touch
  • Reiki and doAroma Reiki
  • Talks & Workshops Customers, groups, and Corporate
Natural and Healthy Weight Control

Schedule a 20-minute Free Gorgeous Guts Consultation

You shall receive a 20-minute complimentary consultation. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, and you are under no obligation to purchase anything from me.  

This is pre-booked in advance. 

Thank you

Lulu West xx

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