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Listen to your gut, and create the life you dream about

Vital Living for a Vibrant You 10-week personalised programme

I was fascinated to find out earlier this month that an Aromatherapy Oil is the immune system of plants and, of course, when you consider this all plants have found a way of protecting themselves, whether it is fragrance, colour, flowers, spiky and more.  I love this fact. I am already aware through my nutrition…

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Do yourself a favour and learn how to read food labels. Sugar is a carbohydrate, but it is not the healthy kind and is referred to as a monosaccharide and you may have also heard the phrase Simple Carbohydrate. It is empty of vitamins, minerals and fibre. It is a source of calories, but it…

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Welcome to Trim Slim Thinking for Natural and Healthy Weight Control

Trim Slim Thinking aims to enthuse women to desire healthy, nutritious food I’ve decided to do it, to start my brand new Facebook group ‘Slim Trim Thinking for Natural and Healthy Weight Control’.   It’s for women 40+ years who are looking for natural and healthy alternatives to feeling over-weight (which links in to Feeling Tired…

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