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Customer Testimonials

Connie Edwards from Shropshire

Helped me grow as a person

"1. You are incredibly easy to talk to and can tone your knowledge down to an understandable level. You make people feel calm and you make it easy for people to ask you questions without feeling stupid.

2. You have helped dig things out of me that I never knew were there! You have helped me grow as a person, through confidence, believing in what I can achieve, and you have helped guide me in what to expect from life (to not just put up with the hand I have been given!) You have helped me believe in my self worth and take pride in myself a lot more than I used to. There are so many things I could write a 'what Lu Lu has taught/helped me with' book! xxx

Well with nutrition you have helped me look at other alternatives to gluten containing products, and guided me to do some more research and not just trust the doctors crap! 

I think it's all tied in together how you have helped me really! Your almost a whole body coach with the gut and brain connection thingy. You have helped me in both areas which have both bumped off and benefited each other!"


Theresa from Kidderminster

I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

"Health-wise, things are improving and the IBS symptoms have virtually cleared up. I have also joined the JJB Sports gym and go there three times a week in my lunch hour, which is better than mooching round the shops..."

J.S., Kidderminster

Weight Management

"Thanks Lulu for your thorough input and great knowledge base. I've benefited greatly by your direction. I feel amazing now, thank you."

Kathryn from Spain

Listen and empathise

"I talk to you as you do not judge and rarely give advice, normally you listen and empathise which helps.  A tough one as the reasons have changed over the years. At first I was in awe and a bit starstruck meeting a successful, beautiful and confidant business woman and so I had huge respect for you, then you went a different way and I guess I admired you once more for taking such a risk to follow your dreams, and now I love you as a sister built over many years of respect and kindness"

David from Shropshire

Wisdom of council

"Lauraine is blessed with many excellent qualities...
Amongst some of them, are her dedication to others, whereby her listening skills are second to none, along with her wisdom of council.
She also has the ability to recognise things that other empaths may miss. With Lauraine you are in very safe hands, she is confidential as well as dedicated to the enth degree.
Lauraine is truly a gift to those of us that know her..."

David is my partner however we have worked together help him focus on his dreams and the volume of tasks he had.

Victoria Harris

Panic attack / Anxiety

"I have suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for a long while now, they have at times in the past totally controlled my life. I have over time tried many different methods to try to prevent and control them with little to no effect. When I first spoke with Lulu about hypnotherapy I was intrigued, I went and did some research and thought about it a little more and decided that it was worth a shot. My first meeting with Lulu we just talked about the panic attacks: why I wanted to change them, how they have made me feel. We discussed things that trigger them as well as going over things that I liked and disliked, though out the entire process I was completely at ease with Lulu and found it quite easy to talk to her about something which I don't talk to many people about at all. Lulu explained to me in full how the sessions would go and that I could stop at any time, having everything explained to me before I turned up for my first session made me feel much more comfortable because I knew what to expect. My first session was such an amazing experience, Lulu had created a wonderfully relaxing environment and I noticed that I was more excited than nervous. After the session I felt refreshed but totally relaxed, Lulu and I talked about breathing techniques and having coloured stars as a reminder to myself to breath and relax. Over the subsequent weeks it was Mum that had come to notice changes, I would go and do things that before would have been a huge trigger for panic attacks and anxiety and would just do them with out any hesitation. I started noticing it myself too. I also noticed how the stars were also helping me, I had one in my car, in my handbag and at my desk and I noticed that if I started to become agitated I would almost automatically seek out the star, pause and concentrate on my breathing resulting in me returning to a clam and in control state. I have seen Lulu on a couple of occasions and I have already noticed so many benefits. My panic attacks are no longer controlling my life because I have control of them. I'm so thankful to Lulu for her help and so glad that she was a part of this journey. I strongly recommend hypnotherapy to those who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. You're fantastic in what you do!"

D.S., Worcestershire, July 2016

Lacking focus / life not moving forwards

"I found Lulu to be an excellent choice in my decision to address my stagnation in just 'not getting done what I needed to do in life', after just on session, I felt inspired to push through the blocks and surmount the hurdles that held me back. A huge thanks Lulu for making such a massive difference."

Joan from Northbridge, Birmingham

Weight Management

" It's just 2 weeks and I feel fantastic! Friends are also commenting how well I look. I went shopping on the Monday, quite a job at first to avoid wheat. I thought I'd crave sandwiches but didn't and like another one of your clients, immediately lost my sweet tooth. My husband can't get over me... "

CT, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

Anxiety / Insomnia

"I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Lulu and found them very beneficial. I was struggling with anxiety and finding sleep a problem and she helped me to unclutter myself before bedtime in order to switch my head off! Still following her advice now!"

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