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Insomnia – Do you sleep with your mobile phone?

Do you find it hard to sleep, suffer with insomnia and take your mobile phone to bed with you at night?

Here’s a tip to help you re-charge and get better sleep: –

Minimise your sensory overload before you go to sleep and it could help with your insomnia. 

WHY? Well, the blue light from these devices wakes you up and stops melatonin (sleepy) hormone production.  This makes it harder to fall asleep as the blue light from these devices shouts WAKEY-WAKEY.  Hence, you toss and turn trying to fall asleep.  Perhaps you have children whose moods are dreadful in the morning and you may wish to consider if they are sleeping with their phones.

Yes, I know I keep banging the drum about this subject. However,  I feel that nearly everybody I know takes their mobile to sleep with them!  As a result, you are giving YOUR precious sleep time away to check on your status, and to check if you have you had any likes to a photo of your dog, cat, child, funny video etc.  Does this sound like you?  Perhaps your relationship could do with a boost but you both seem to spend time looking at your phones instead?

Young couple with smartphones in their bed instead of intimacy.

In conclusion, turn off TVs, put away laptops and smart phones at least 1/2 to one hour earlier.  However, some research claims at least 2 hours beforehand and I personally sleep better if I switch off my mobile 2 hours before sleep

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