Life begins anew!

My programmes on Insomnia and Poor gut health help moody, exhausted women that lack focus and energy with very, very poor eating and sleeping habits to learn how to heal their gut to fix their sleep so they can achieve the rest, body, vitality and life they dream about.

You feel as if your feet are stuck in clay, you are depressed, unhappy, really-really tired and want to just go to sleep all the time, your doctor says there's nothing wrong with you yet you just don't understand why you feel the way you do, and you don't know what to do about it.

  • Tired All The Time

    Reclaim your life and your body back with natural and healthy methods

    Feel lighter, happier with more vitality

  • Menopausal with hot flushes
  • Worried about Ageing
  • Overweight
  • Shattered
  • Feeling dreadful
  • Bloated

I was once in the same head space as you and I know you are probably thinking “Where on earth will I find the energy and will-power to begin to think about making changes, or losing weight when I hate my life and the way I look to even start to have more drive and vitality in my life?”

  • You need help so you can feel good again.
  • Too tired to eat dinner.
  • You have the menopause and don't feel like yourself anymore.
  • You feel as if someone has sucked the life out of you.
  • You hate shopping for clothes and your social life has become restricted because your confidence and style is non-existent.
  • How can you wave a magic wand and make your constipation disappear?
  • You look older than you should for your age and would like to know how to find ways of anti-ageing naturally.

I can support you to take the steps that will begin to transform you and get the outcome you are craving. This is not a one size fits all programme and I will use a mix of different approaches from my Holistic and Nutritional Toolbox to personalise your programme. This won’t work for everyone, you need to be both committed to make changes each day AND to be honest about your diet and lifestyle within a supporting and protective mentoring environment with myself.

This 8-week programme is ideal for people who want my specialist and transformational programme to believe in themselves again to feel lighter, happier and energised, to learn how to be in control of their hot flushes, and to reclaim their mojo.

It is ideal for you if you would like to transform yourself and nourish yourself in all areas of your life, to lose weight, to control those hot flushes and feel calmer, be wonderfully healthy, sleeping better, bags of confidence and self-esteem, be happy, live life better, and be a vital and inspirational woman in just 8 weeks.

Each programme receives a review of your diet and lifestyle and from there we can determine which plan is going to suit you and your lifestyle the best.

  • A programme that is tailored just for you.
  • An initial discovery mission to enable us both to properly understand your unique pain points and challenges.
  • Pre-Week one - Questionnaires to complete prior to week 1 so I can develop a tailored programme just for you.
  • 8-weekly hourly 1:1 sessions
  • Weekly homework exercises and specific weekly actions
  • Follow up consultations –via zoom / skype / telephone
  • Energy – How to get your energy back, assessing your sleeping patterns, energy wreckers, and supplements for energy.
  • Personalised nutrition advice from avoiding wheat, becoming a vegetarian/vegan, alternatives to dairy
  • An overview of Nutrition Fundamentals – Protein/Carbs/Fats, what to eat, Calories, Portions and loading your plate.
  • Weightles – What causes weight gain & a reduction of size to your favourite size and shape Reduction & Health Princip
  • All About Sugar - Sugar / Carb addiction, Sugar, Sweetenters, and sugar substitutes
  • Food Labels – How to read them, what to look for, common marketing scams, shopping for healthier options.
  • Carefully considered and personalised supplement plan (supplements at an additional cost if applicable)
  • Recommendations on functional tests and interpretation (additional costs if applicable)
  • Personal Coaching to support new lifestyle/diet
  • Email support
  • Audios
  • Positive Motivation – Motivation tips, Mindset and maintaining consistency.

Please note that any functional tests and supplements are at an additional cost if applicable.