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Listen to your gut, and create the life you dream about

Vital Living for a Vibrant You 10-week personalised programme

I was fascinated to find out earlier this month that an Aromatherapy Oil is the immune system of plants and, of course, when you consider this all plants have found a way of protecting themselves, whether it is fragrance, colour, flowers, spiky and more.  I love this fact. I am already aware through my nutrition work how important the ORAC score (anti-oxidant capability) is in the foods we consume.  That said, I had never considered aromatherapy oils, and I mean PURE aromatherapy oils, being just as powerful and how they find their way into the cell and manifest changes.  Perhaps I'm now ready to start learning about oils and integrate them into my life as they work incredibly well at cellular level, and cellular health is where it's at.

Pure Essential Oils - doTERRA with Lulu West

You see, my soulful purpose in doing what I love is a driving need in helping women to empower themselves, find focus and clarity, find natural and healthy ways to meet their emotional needs, their physical needs, their spiritual needs (and I am a fledgling on the spiritual path!), and to love themselves again.


I am an advocate on anything that facilitates us to feel better but more importantly, empowers us to find a way to make change.  I enjoy working with women (and men, men have similar needs too) 40’s upwards who are looking for natural and healthy ways to feel better, look better, sleep better and anything else along the way that steals our vitality and our love for what we do, whatever that may be.

Great wholesome home cooked meals, and natural methods make us feel better. With my training I was able to help my eczema, calmed down my food-moodies!! (yes, they were simply dreadful!), and my sore, swollen colon (which tests have since told me that my colon has a very large extra part). I am truly thankful for this extra length because if I hadn't had that problem I may not be working in the holistic health field.

In January, I attended my lovely, soul-centred and spiritual friend Anna Louise-Haigh's Vision Board Workshop.  In a Vision Board, you choose only images that you're drawn to, and sometimes there's simply no explanation to what you are drawn to and you just accept what your intuition is telling you.

Create your vision and become unstoppable, with love xxx

You are unstoppable

This workshop was very insightful and a revelation to me.   So much that I decided to do something with my Law of Attraction Diploma that I obtained from a great teacher Brian Glenn at Innervisions.

It was time to stop procrastinating and create something special for friends, clients, and women who say to me -

"I don't know what I want?"   "I don't want this life"    "what do I need to do to leave my job?"

"I'm too scared to do anything"    "my husband won't like it if I change"

"I can't afford to change"    "I can't help it"    "I'm so tired "

"when will it go away"    "I don't have sex anymore"    "I know what I want but not how to get there"

"what's the best thing to help with my hot flushes"    "I just want some peace"    "I'm too stressed"

You may be thinking, what do essential oils and running workshops have to do with 'listening to your gut'?

Intuition knocked on my door and on the Vision Board I created earlier this year, I chose a picture of an Aromatherapy garden to use Oils and Herbs in my life. I didn’t know quite how I was going to manifest that dream as I am not what you would call a gardener.  But it was on my board, and I've been looking at it every day since then.    But here's the thing ... this month, I signed up as an Essential Oils Health Educator for dōTERRA Essential Oils.   What for me is the eye-opener is the Vision Board that I created, I used images that said ‘Natures Pharmacy’, ‘Healing Wholefoods’, ‘Healthy You’.

I also saw, first hand, how a blended oil really helped my partner Dave when he was very poorly with his lungs and sinusitis.

I have to share this wonderful tool of creating your own Vision Board.   I researched all I could find on the science behind Vision Boards, how it links in with the Law of Attraction and manifestation. I have researched Globally, and re-trained in running a Vision Board Workshop.  With all my experience, skills and training my Vision Board Workshops can be booked now for events happening from March 2018 (in Stourport, and Hereford) and I can run these anywhere though in the UK.


... because you never know where your Dreams will take you, and the dream I visually created earlier this year on my vision board entered my cells and so to my soul.

To return to the powerful strength of the ORAC qualities of food and plants, if I had to give my Vision Board an ORAC score I'd definitely give it top marks as it's certainly clearing any free radical damage from my soul.


I shall be running workshops soon to help educate, inform, love, and delight on health and oils.  Many of these shall be online so that you can watch my classes from the comfort of your home. I'd be delighted to hear from you if you have a particular subject that you think many people would be interested to know more about.

Lulu xxx

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