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Lulu West

Health and Vitality Coach

Vital Living for a Vibrant You

Lulu West

I love nutrition, ingredients, food and flavours, creating recipes, and the science of why!  I embrace being a healthy, curvy woman with all the changes during the menopause after a hysterectomy.    I found a way to embrace life... so can you without too many rules or restrictions, eat cheese, enjoy a glass of wine  whilst remaining healthy and enjoying life.

This was me many years ago... I developed shingles and had an on-going battle with my energy levels further compounded with insomnia, digestive problems, stress, eczema and weight gain. My usual confidence and calmness with bags of energy disappeared and I was eating starchy foods that provided instant energy.

I was stressed, divorced, loved my career and disliked yet another restructuring into another role, no direction, just rushing...  many women I speak with feel the same.   Physically I was showing all the symptoms of emotional distress and a dreadful 'eat-now!' diet.

I saw a Food Intolerance Therapist, received hypnotherapy and learned that yes, I had a dreadful diet, I was very intolerant to wheat and lactose and needed to spend a bit more time chilling, these days it's referred to as Mindful Living/Mindfulness.   And so I changed my eating habits from anything in a cardboard box or pasta and frozen peas (my token vegetable) to using fresh ingredients.

I really understand the inner doubts and the 'crooked' thoughts you have about yourself, that was me too.   I spent hours researching alternative ingredients and supermarket foods I could use instead, I produced fact sheets for my clients as there was minimal information on the internet all those years ago.  I wanted to seek alternative natural healing for my very sore bloated belly, and eczema that I'd developed during stress, without taking steroids, antacids or laxatives.  Natural methods worked for me amazingly well.  If there's one subject I love it is the colon, hydration and oils, and great subject.   I learned how to respect and look after my colon as my poor functioning digestive system hurt my energy, healthy, vitality and gorgeous-appeal.

I left Corporate life and in 2003 I started up a therapy business offering Food Intolerance Therapy and Indian Head Massage. I ran food intolerance workshops, and performed Food Tests at many centres.    I now offer many more holistic therapies including diagnostic tests such as DNA for health, Food Intolerance Tests and more.  In 2018,  I introduced Vision Board Workshops to help you achieve your dreams, and I introduced the incredible doTERRA pure Essential Oils into my work as I'm seeing life-changing results from these oils and shall be running workshops and trade shows to education what an essential oil is.

Me, my partner, and our dogs on a muddy dog walk

These days I live with fabulous views with my partner and our 2 dogs.   I dream to live by the sea and smell the salty seaweed again and one day this dream will come true.

I am a proud wheat-free Vegan food-loving happy woman.

Fresh air and dog walking is the best tonic in the world!
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I love my life
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Professional Associations and Training

  • Diet and Nutrition Advisor
  • Advanced Supplements Advisor Diploma
  • Food Allergy Intolerance Therapy including Nutritional counselling (FAIT Dip)
  • Insomnia Practitioner
  • Anti-Ageing Diploma
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (DYP. HYP. I.S.C.H)
  • HypnoSlimmer Weight Loss Consultant
  • Menopause Relief Programme
  • Indian Head Message Diploma
  • Body Massage Certificate
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner / Vision Board Workshops
  • Fully Insured
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