Menopause Relief Programme – Hot Flushes

Are you waking up several times in the night drenched in sweat?

Does that internal volcano erupt countless times during the day and night?

Rivers of sweat running down your body?

Do you feel like you have lost control of your body?

These are all common descriptions of hot flushes. Some women also feel anxious, snappy and may even have panic attacks. Sometimes, women don’t want to take HRT or can’t take it. Would you like to deal with your hot flushes naturally?

The Menopause Relief Programme is designed to help you take back control, to reduce the intensity of a hot flush, so that you can get on with living.

The majority of women have found that they are able to reduce the intensity and the amount of hot flushes they are experiencing and having the ability to do this is very empowering.

This is a 4-week programme by Skype/Zoom and additional weeks can be added if required.  

Please contact me to find out how this can help you.