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Nourish yourself at the time of the Spring Equinox with a 30-day cleanse

Everything seems possible in the Spring.  It’s the season of fresh life, of hope, and new beginnings. It’s also the perfect time to turn over a fresh leaf and to start a new physical, emotional and spiritual plan.

Over the winter months, we may have overindulged in the wrong foods, too much alcohol, too many late nights.   Whatever our reason is, by early Spring, we are not always feeling our absolute best and all our good intentions and resolutions made on January 1st have been long forgotten. Undertaking a cleanse now at this time of year can change all that, and is the best time to undergo changes.

On an energetic and esoteric level, Spring is the ideal time for cleansing. In the Chinese system, Spring is linked with the element of Wood, which encourages us to try new things, to redefine a new course, to find new paths or ways of doing things, helps you to agree to action.

It’s an open, energetic, enthusiastic feeling, so even if you’ve never cleansed or detoxed before, this could be the perfect time, and the perfect way to start feeling better and more vital fast.

There are many reasons why we wish to undergo such a programme however for me after my DNA health results told me that my body finds it hard to remove toxins, I have waited till now to help my body to shift stubborn toxins that store in your fat.  It disrupts your hormones, and completely disrupts energy levels.  This is my reason for wanting to undergo a Cleanse.  I know that my colon will love this programme, and I can't wait to see how I look and feel at the end of the 30 days!

So with our products ready, our liver packing items ready, strong resolution and intent I shall be starting this on Monday.  I will keep a journal and keep everybody updated on my blog posts.   I have also been asked to provide support to this group with video information to help you.   Here are details of the cleanse / detox programme that I shall be taking.

Join us for a gentle guided cleanse programme with döTERRA essential oils incorporating key wisdom from our Blooming & Glowing tribe on a journey together for 30 days to physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment with the power of plants.

Thanks for joining me here, so my name is Lulu West, and I’m a dōTERRA leader, and my page is #yesvitality.  So I’m really excited to invite and introduce you to a new exciting programme that myself and our team are going to be running called 30 days to Bloom and Glow.

This is predominantly a Cleanse Programme for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and is going to be starting around the time of the Spring Equinox, a time when everything is ready to wake up.

Starting at the 19th of March (or when your product arrives) and is going to be centred around the Cleanse and Restore Kit which is an amazing combination of wholefood supplements from dōTERRA containing essential oils and the power of plants. This programme comes in 3 stages.  Phase 1 which is Activate, Phase 2 which is reset, and phase 3 which is all about renew.  You are going to be guided through this programme with us.

Cleanse and Restore for 30-days - call me for details on 07791 017858.

Monday 19th March - Tuesday 17th April 2018 (however, it doesn't have to be these dates, you can start when your order has arrived with our free gift).

Beginning at the time of the Spring equinox when nature is ready to wake up we invite you to awaken from within. Alongside the döTERRA Cleanse and Restore Programme this 30 Day Programme gives you so much more value than a typical cleanse and is bursting to the brim with education and wisdom.

The course includes access to a closed Facebook community group, a bloom and glow starter kit from myself including some gifts and guidance from our team to help get you started.

You will also have access to a huge collection of reliable resources which you will learn from, plus daily webinars on a wide array of subjects to teach and inspire you.

So by the end of your 30 days cleanse, you are going to have more energy, better mood, you’re going to have better concentration, less pain and inflammation in the body and glowing skin.

You’re going to be feeling like the best version of you.

As part of the programme you will also receive a wholesale account membership where you will benefit from a 25% discount off any future purchases and a wealth of ongoing support.

30 days_Bloom&Glow_Programme_Brochure_Lulu_West

You will be part of a community of experts from the health and wellbeing industry such as Doctors, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Kinesiologists, Yoga teachers, Healers and beautiful like minded souls on the same path.

This programme will bring alignment, insight and empowerment to your days.

The Cleanse and Restore Kit is £168 including VAT plus £4 po postage.

Not only that, this programme also comes with a free starter kit from me to you  with love and you are going to receive some essential oil samples that we’ll be using in the recipes, the rituals, and in some of the practises that we are going to be guiding you with throughout the programme.

I am looking forward to you joining us to find your Bloom & Glow.

Please register here -

Anybody who sign's up to this programme with Lauraine West at Yes Vitality shall receive 2 hour's free mentoring from myself to help support your diet, bloating, help you to learn tips to stay strong throughout.

Yes Vitality is all about women's energy, your vitality, reclaiming your mojo.

Vital Living for a Vibrant You

Love and Blessings

Lulu xxx

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