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Trim Slim Thinking aims to enthuse women to desire healthy, nutritious food

I've decided to do it, to start my brand new Facebook group 'Slim Trim Thinking for Natural and Healthy Weight Control'.   It's for women 40+ years who are looking for natural and healthy alternatives to feeling over-weight (which links in to Feeling Tired all the Time, Menopausal, Ageing, Shattered, Loss of intimacy, Feeling Dreadful). 

For many years, I've been frustrated at how many weight 'loss' plans / programmes do not cater for healthy eating, or the holistic approach to the person, or there is a one-size fits all ethos.  They recommend sweeteners, or they suggest recipes for chicken cooked in diet Pepsi!  Now how mad is that! 

Many women I meet are looking to find ways of cooking meals for themselves and their families that are healthy.  They are looking to understand dairy-free perhaps, or gluten/wheat free and what Vegan food is all about.  However, in this day and age of sugar (that sweet, white powdery stuff that is so addictive) it is proving hard for some to know what to consume, what to buy and how to tell sugar to F**K Off (please excuse my language but refined sugar is not good for anybody at all!).  

What's the new group all about?

The Slim Trim Thinking closed Facebook group is to inform, educate, delight and help to change thinking and habits towards eating healthy food.  You shall take back the power and accountability of how you feel and look.  There are no excuses in this group - only solutions.  Nobody else puts the food in your body - only you.   The Trim Slim Thinking Facebook page is generic in that it is general information as my personal plans are tailored specifically to each person.

Trim Slim Thinking will address day-to-day concerns about how to eat and how to have a healthy loving relationship with food, and yourself.  The group will offer practical solutions that directly addresses women's daily behaviour issues around weight, food, exercise and loving themselves enough to say NO.   For me, its about reducing excess and hidden fat and understanding that if you eat more than you burn naturally, you will get fatter, tired, and ill.  You will learn what to eat, and how much of it to eat whilst upgrading your mind set and set it free from thinking about food all-of-the-time!

It will teach you to have an intelligent relationship with food.   Hypnotherapy can be offered (outside the group) and personalised 1:1 solutions if you feel you'd like a more focused approach.  Medical studies suggest hypnotherapy can be effective in helping women to reduce their weight when used in conjunction with other weight reduction methods. 

2lbs per week

Weight reduction of more than 2 lbs per week is not healthy and not recommended because such rapid weight loss causes the body to conserve calories (energy) and actually slows the metabolism which makes long term weight reduction much more difficult.

Move More

If you are not exercising (and this could be anything that gets you moving), not just going to the gym - so if you are not exercising whilst reducing weight, the body sacrifices muscle rather than fat reserves.  I'll talk more about this on another post.  I'm after a reduction of FAT, let's Melt That Fat.

The subject of healthy eating is vast, and Trim Slim Thinking is to enthuse us all to desire healthy, nutritious food and to consume glorious colour and that to do otherwise could make us fat, exhausted and unhealthy; aggravates hot flushes and menopausal symptoms. all of which can be very, very ageing.

Food is very important because it should provide us with enough energy and appropriate nutrients so as to maximise our health.  However, a balance must be achieved so that we consume a variety of ingredients that we need in the correct proportions. Thereby preventing diet-related diseases and complications including obesity, heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

I love food

I enjoy food, I love to source seasonal ingredients and meals that I can prepare and have ready within 30 mins to 1 hour.   I eat when I'm hungry, and stop when I am full.   I love to see colour, and enjoy having that mix of different colours on my plate.   Ban Beige!  Bring back colour!

The BANT Well-being Guidelines present the most current and well-researched information available to the public and were developed as a response to the one-size-fits-all public health guidelines. This is the basis of all Slim Trim Thinking where guidance shall be given.   As a Vegan myself I would choose different sources of protein and I only consume gluten/wheat free grain. 

When I view my vision of myself, I definitely aim to look younger than my age and avoid for as long as humanly possible a saggy-baggy face (without Botox), or a body that finds a 5 mile walk very easy. I can help you with all my personal experiences, training and knowledge of working with so many women offering food sensitivity coaching and testing, and running weight loss groups.

For more information join Trim Slim Thinking Facebook page, or call 01299 488384 for more information, or send me an email to health@yesvitality.com.   

Hope to hear from you very soon.  

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