Heal your Body and Empower your Mind

Work with me

Work with me

My coaching programmes are ideal for you if you are a woman in your 40's upwards looking for natural and healthy alternatives to:

Feeling shattered and not coping

Menopausal with hot flushes that are over-whelming


Worrying about your weight gain, baggy belly and ageing looks

Craving Food as your energy and will-power is sapped by everyday life

It is ideal for you if you would like to transform yourself and nourish yourself in all areas of your life, to lose weight, to control those hot flushes and feel calmer, be wonderfully healthy, sleeping better, bags of confidence and self-esteem, be happy, live life better, and be a vital and inspirational woman in just 10 weeks.

Bespoke 1:1 Health and Vitality coaching looking for natural and healthy alternatives to feeling Absolutely Exhausted, Menopausal, Overweight and Bloated.

Natural and Healthy Weight Control  looking for natural and healthy alternatives to transform your body and mind and achieve their favourite, healthy, body shape.

Happier Living can be described as the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that your life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.


Lacing focus / direction
“I found Lulu to be an excellent choice in my decision to address my stagnation in just 'not getting done what I needed to do in life', after just on session, I felt inspired to push through the blocks and surmount the hurdles that held me back. A huge thanks Lauraine for making such a massive difference." DS, Kidderminster

Anxiety / poor sleep
"I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Lulu and found them very beneficial. I was struggling with anxiety and finding sleep a problem and she helped me to unclutter myself before bedtime to switch my head off! Still following her advice now!" CT, Cleobury Mortimer

Weight Management
" It's just 2 weeks and I feel fantastic! Friends are also commenting how well I look. I went shopping on the Monday, quite a job at first to avoid wheat. I thought I'd crave sandwiches but didn't and like another one of your clients, immediately lost my sweet tooth. My husband can't get over me... “Joan, Northbridge