Yours to keep

Hello and hopefully you find something here to enthuse and help you on your journey to a natural and healthy lifestyle.

I shall update information as and when it's written and shall post updates on my 2 Facebook pages:- -  a support group for women in their 40's upwards who are looking to find natural and healthy alternatives to natural and health weight control. If you're younger it's great to see you there too. - a group again for women in their 40's upwards looking for natural and healthy alternatives to: - Feeling Tired All the Time, Menopausal, Ageing, Over-Weight, Shattered, Loss of Sex Drive, Feeling Crap. I work 1:1 and all appointments are virtual.

If you have any questions please email me to (emails are easier for me to keep a track of, whereas Facebook messages can get lost).

If you have something you'd really like to have more information on, let me know.  I'll either answer it or find an expert.

Hugs and love

Lulu xxx